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May 18, 2022

Love science and conservation? Want to discover new ways to protect our species? Elle Kaye chats with guests who work within the science genre, but whose job titles may need a little unpacking. Strap in for entomology, taxidermy, diaphonization, pet remains, human pathology and all those that work with specimens. In episode 034 Elle chats with Dr. Ryan Terrill about his work as an ornithological postdoctoral researcher and the work he does at the Moore Lab of Zoology in California. We discuss the primary focus of his research in molt and character evolution through feather replacement in birds; and the biogeography and natural history of the birds of the New World tropics. Ryan Terrill Socials


Simultaneous Wing Molt as a Catalyst for the Evolution of Flightlessness in Birds:

Feather growth rate increases with latitude in four species of widespread resident Neotropical birds:

Threshold models improve estimates of molt parameters in datasets with small sample sizes:

Evolution of breeding plumages in birds: A multiple-step pathway to seasonal dichromatism in New World warblers (Aves: Parulidae):

Moore Lab of Zoology

Birding in California

Ryan Terrill Profile Oxy

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Non-breeding changes in at-sea distribution and abundance of the threatened marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus) in a portion of its range exhibiting long-term breeding season declines:

A Matter of Timing: Can Birds Keep Up With Earlier and Earlier Springs?:

Birding Organisations California

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